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Kantha Quilt
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It is often said, that one man's trash is another man's treasure. This venture started out as an interest to create valuable and worthwhile products, while at the same time minimizing fabric waste. I started to make things out of what others might call remnants, and would end up in awe of the product I myself had created. I could never have imagined that repurposed, up-cycled and sustainable products could be so original, novel and luxurious at the same time.


” The art of living needs a conscious choice “
Our work is inspired by nature. Just like in nature, everything has a place and everything has value. The smallest of things helps maintain the balance of the ecosystem, and make it sustainable. Similarly, we at Veetrag, strive to put to use the most insignificant bits of fabric to make extraordinarily innovative handcrafted products. With the motto to reduce, reuse and recycle, we bring to you Veetrag Linen, for conscious living.
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