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Linen Bags Linen Bags are ubiquitous but can describe your social, economic, and your fashion status. Our collection of bags is made out of 100 percent pure linen fabric. It has linen lining which makes it attractive from the inside and has good quality zips, it works swiftly and keeps your things safe. The linen fabric is natural, and environmentally friendly and it is soft against the skin. The fabric has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties and most important of all its strength and lightweight make it durable. Each and every product is unique as the products are handmade, they also showcase hand embroidery and various designer patterns. Indeed, bags are your extension which allows us to carry our world around. We have a diversity of bags like beach bags, handbags, jhola bags, laptop bags, shopping bags, shoulder bags, sling bags, and tote bags. These bags are easily washable(machine/hand). A bag is a sign of responsibility in life and the things you carry reveal different information about your current life. So be a bag freak!