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Linen Rugs Linen Hairpieces, made of 100 natural Linen Rugs. Step into your home and feel cozy, happy, and inspired incontinently. A statement flat-woven hairpiece which is beautiful, bold and bright, exceptionally durable, and unique too. All our products are of ultra-expensive quality that is made to last for generations. They’re handcrafted using old weaving ways which have been passed down from generation to generation. Linen Rugs is one of the strongest and terrain friendly fabrics. It showcases hypoallergenic rates. The Hairpieces are made from linen scraps. We upcycle the fabric to produce terrain-friendly and sustainable products with added value. We believe in zero waste and indirect frugality. These hairpieces are beautiful combinations of colorful societies similar to Greek, Moroccan, Turkish, Kurd, Assyrian, and Armenian. It’s both ethical as well as ultramodern, suitable for every kind of décor.