The Reduce, reuse, recycle philosophy of Veetrag Linen

Kantha Quilt

Veetrag Linen, an ethical and sustainable linen company, strives to reduce its environmental impact through the reduce, reuse, recycle philosophy. Through their linen products they emphasize the importance of sustainability while offering luxurious linen items in order to lessen the demand for synthetic materials. Many of Veetrag’s linen products such as kantha quilts come with the intention of reusing them and welcoming a conscious lifestyle within their customer base. As linen fabrics are made mostly of natural fibers it is easy to compost or recycle them at the end-of-life cycle. The company additionally offers various tips on how consumers can properly maintain their linen items and extend their lifespan as well as provide proper disposal options for customers who have reached the end of their product’s life span, something that goes hand in hand with Veetrag’s 3Rs philosophy towards linen use – reduce, reuse and recycle!

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